I have not seen a Mistress before. Will you see me?
Mistress Violator is happy to be served by first timers. In fact, she relishes the opportunity to be the first person to corrupt and violate you...;-)
What happens during a session with Mistress Violator?
Every submissive and therefore, every session is different. A list of The Violator's favourite indulgences can be found on the Sessions page, but this is merely an overview; The Violator will discuss your specific requirements with you, over the phone initially and in detail on your first visit.
I don't like pain/I can only take a small amount of pain, can I still have a session with you?
Inflicting pain is just one potential method of domination. The Violator is an experienced Mistress; she knows how to dominate without the use of pain and relishes the challenge of doing so. She also knows how to deliver pain without marking and in accordance with different levels of tolerance; she will push you to your limits, but never beyond them.
I'm not entirely sure what a 'Post-op Transsexual' is, please can you explain?
Mistress Violator is essentially the same as any genetic female - she has a vagina and breasts, she has a completely feminine body that is silky smooth all over and she takes extremely good care of herself - she  smells and tastes exquisitely feminine! She has lived as a woman for many years and she embraces her femininity in such a way that puts many other women to shame. Frankly, she adores the irony of having men worshipping at her feet and what's more, she has a distinct advantage over other Mistresses - she knows just how truly depraved and perverted you boys are and SHE WILL make you pay for it!
I want to be dominated, but I also enjoy a more sensual experience - is this possible?
Yes, Mistress Violator is naturally sensual in her approach - she does not believe that domination and sensuality are mutually exclusive. She revels in the worship and adoration she receives from her submissives, just as much as their obedience and devotion.
Does Mistress Violator allow kissing and bodily contact etc. ?
Yes, Mistress Violator (at her discretion) does allow kissing and bodily contact. She is utterly ruthless in that she will use any means necessary to have you completely under her control; if she believes touching, teasing, kissing and feeling will have you at her mercy, she will use it, just as readily as she will use a whip or a set of restraints.
Can I have sex with Mistress Violator?
No. Mistress Violator draws the line at penetrative sex. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this, so do not even ask.
Can I ask Mistress Violator to wear something specific?
The Violator realises that her beauty and prowess can be even more powerful when combined with your own particular outfit preferences. She is therefore open to polite requests regarding what she wears for your session with her.
Can I bring a gift for Mistress Violator?
Yes, of course you can - Mistress Violator always enjoys receiving gifts from her subjects. See her Wish List opposite, or surpise her!
Can I arrange a session with you via email or SMS?
No. Mistress Violator requires your telephone number and a conversation with you to discuss your requirements before she will book a session with you. You may initially contact her with a brief message via email or SMS and she will answer any simple questions, but she will not enter into detailed communications via these methods.
Can you guarantee my privacy and discretion?
Yes, discretion is every bit as important to Mistress Violator as it is to you.
Do you offer a distance domination service?
Yes, you may contact The Violator to discuss this. Bear in mind though, that payment up-front will be required before any such services are rendered.
Can I go to a fetish club with you?
Yes, The Violator enjoys taking her submissives to fetish clubs. Naturally, the slave will make all arrangements, pay the aprropriate fees and cover all expenses for such excursions.
Can I take you out to lunch or dinner?
Yes, see the latter part of the answer to the previous question.


Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood
Be Delicious by DKNY
Anticipation by Ghost

White lillies and red roses

Sweet white wines
Fruity red wines and rose

Shoes & boots from:
1969 Italia Boutique eBay store
Alternative Footwear
Banana Shoes

Fetishwear & gear from:
Westward Bound
House of Harlot
Skin Two















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